Affiliations & Sponsors

Sponsors (click to link to their websites)

We are thrilled to have received a £5000 matched grant from SDNP sustainable communities fund to enable the refurbishment of the Shed building

We are indebted to the trust who own the Shed buildings for allowing the Shed to utilise the workshop and their continued support in setting up LMS.

Coomers have very kindly sponsored us, providing HiVis jackets worn here for the first time

Liss Parish Council

With thanks for donation and continued support


Thanks for support & donation

All Joinery and Carpentry work undertaken.

With many thanks for donations of Timber, Benches and Equipment

We extend our thanks to the many organisations individuals who have supported our project, including:

  • Newman Collard Playing Fields Trust

  • Community First - East Hampshire

  • Havant Mens Shed

  • Coomers Builders Merchants

  • RHS Wisley

  • Individual’s & organisations who have made financial donations, gifts of tools & equipment

NHS Southern Health Trust

We have received a generous donation from the Trust

We thank Radian homes for their kind donation toward renovation of the Shed facility

For support & Donation


In 2016 representatives from 17 nearby Men's Shed's formed the Southern Men's Shed Network in order to:

  • Share ideas

  • Share skills

  • Share surplus tools

  • Jointly to promote the formation of sheds in the area

  • Work together on insurance, grants and discounts

  • Arrange joint functions

There are now around 45 including Liss Men's Shed

Men’s Activity Network is a new way to improve men’s health inspired by the Men’s Sheds movement. The Step by Step approach has been designed specifically for men: informal, down-to-earth, without dictating strict rules around how to run your group.

In January two Liss Men's Shed members attended training held by Hampshire County Council’s ‘Mens Activity Network’ & are now ‘Health Champions’ for the shed, additional members will be trained in the work of the E.U. funded scheme, designed to highlight male awareness of personal health care & other issues, details of the scheme is made available at the monthly table sales.

The UK Men’s Sheds Association, the support body for Men’s Sheds across the UK. Work hard to inspire and support the development of as many Men’s Sheds as possible, for the benefit of men’s health and wellbeing. They are a member organisation, representing UK-based Men’s Sheds. Raising awareness of the Men’s Sheds movement and the many benefits of Shedding and they support Men’s Sheds in getting off the ground and thriving as community-driven, member-led entities. They don’t own or manage Men’s Sheds, but champion them for miles around.

We are a 'good cause' beneficiary of the new East Hants Community Lottery PLEASE support us by playing, we get 50p from every £1 AND you can win