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Cycle Repairs

Shedders are collaborating with Petersfield Bicycle Buddies to repair bikes, some have been donated and once refurbished sold to fund both the groups.

We can assist local community members with simple repairs and setup.

Contact us for more information or to donate a bike.

On this page we include information on Liss Mens Shed activities and Interests within our Community both locally within Liss and the wider environment we are so lucky to be located within.

A few of the Projects done for our local community

Clock Repairs

Liss Men's Shed stepped in to help Stoner Cricket Club who have played a week of cricket each July since 1934 at Bedales School, the Clock had finally stopped after about 40 years of service and rather than replace it one of our members, Arthur Allden who's skills include many years doing watch and clock repairs, has repaired it, with funds from the Club to cover his costs and a very generous donation toward setting up the Men's Shed from Bedales School

Photo: Dunhurst Headmaster, New Zealand Cricketer Colin Batey and Stoner Cricket Club Secretary and local Cricket legend Rollo Wicksteed (who scored his first 100 on the ground in 1953) welcomes the clock home.

We are so lucky to be located withing the South Downs National Park and keen to support various projects the Trust enables.

Here are 2 new initiatives needing your support

And a link to all current SDNPA Projects

BEE Lines

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