Christmas BazAar

We thank everyone for Supporting the establishent of a Mens Shed in Liss

Even during lockdown our Shedders have been like busy elves making these items, offered for sale to aid us to develop and run the Shed. Pricing is suggested as a minimum donation toward our costs.

If items are shown with a Note to say "Available to Order" or "SOLD" then we can look into making one for you.

Please Fill in the order form by clicking on the Button and we will contact you to discuss purchase or manufacture, delivery and payment.

All Items Sold as Seen

Bird Box 2 £15

Bat Box £15

Bug Hotel Medium 3 £15

Bug Hotel Large £20

Bug Hotel Medium 2 £15

Teapot Stand

7in dia £12

Bug Hotel Small 1 £10

Large Scalloped Ash Bowl

9in dia 4in deep £25

Book Ends £10 Tealight Holder £5

2 Lights in Glass bottles £8

Mirror 14in High £18

Glasses Rack £5

Small Scalloped Ash Bowl

7in dia 2in deep £12

Tealight Holders £10

Candle Holders £15

Cedarwood bowl 6in dia £12

Lights in Gordons Gin £5

Pot Holders x3 £10

Lights in Whitley Gin £5

Bangle 1 Carved 3in dia £10

Bangle 2 3 in Dia £5

Bangle 3 3in dia £5

The following Items are sold, however we may be able to make one for you (or a variant) to Order please fill out the form and we will call

Trug £15 SOLD

Bird Box 3 £15 SOLD

Bird Table 1 £25 SOLD

Hedgehog House 3 £20 SOLD

Bird Table 2 £25 SOLD

Teddy Monebox £15 SOLD

Lights in Mermaid Gin £5 SOLD

Bird Box 1 £15 SOLD

Hedgehog House 1 £20 SOLD

Hedgehog House 2 £20 SOLD

Bug Hotel Medium 1 £15 SOLD

Wooden Heart £5 SOLD

Swift Nesting Box £15 SOLD

Click to fill in a request to order or for more information