Liss Men's Shed 

A community space for men (and women) to connect, converse and create

What and When

Here is our Schedule of opening.

To attend a session members must contact the leader as space is limited.

Regular sessions are:

New Members

As we have limited space in the shed we must restrict membership numbers. We are currently full but you are welcome to get in touch / visit and add your name to a waiting list for when space becomes available.

Message us through our contact page and arrange to drop in and chat.

Sale of Items

We hold occasional table sales around the village but you can also purchase items we may have in stock, or we can make them for you.

Please see our FOR SALE page for more information and an order request form.


Please note that we are primarily a social group, we take on occasional repair or refurbishment tasks to support members of the local community. 

Bike Sales

We usually have a stock of serviced and repaired bikes available to Sell for donations from around £15, selected bikes may be more.

Please take a look at the pictures here and message us if any are of interest, or drop by on a Tuesday.

Our stock varies day to day.

Bike Repairs

Shedders working with Petersfield Bicycle Buddies to maintain or refurbish Bikes.

We can do most tasks for a small donation.

Bikes for Refugees & Others in Need

We have been very busy repairing donated Bikes for Refugees (mainly Ukrainians) & others in need living in our area.

This has been a great success with at least 80 bikes repaired service and distributed to enable them to get to and from work, school or go shopping.

Tricycle for Inclusive cycling project

We were very pleased to refurbish this Tricycle which the disabled owner was no longer able to ride and donate it to a fabulous Wheels for All - Pompey Pedals project based in Portsmouth with an array of bikes suitable for all abilities. 

Video Clip Here: 



A Recent project performed for a member of Havant Mens Shed saw us do a sensitive restoration on this vintage Viking racer, stripping it to the frame and rebuilding (he didn't want the paintwork to be re-done).

We even got the old Ever Ready lamp working again.


Rebuild of a 1940s Parabike wheel.

Members 1980s Dawes Bike

We are a 'good cause' beneficiary of the new East Hants Community Lottery PLEASE support us by playing, we get 50p from every £1  AND you can win Prizes. We are already receiving funds as a result of your generosity and are consistently the 'most supported' of the 24 Good Causes in East Hampshire that the Lottery currently lists.

We supporT various local Events

Benches galore

Welly Racks, Gates & Construction

BirdS Bats and Owls

Delivery of the first batch of boxes to the White Eagle Lodge in Liss.

see what else we get up to on our Projects Page

If you want more information feel free to contact us 

You can also find us on Facebook 

Co-op Grant

We are extremely indebted to the Coop for thwir contibnued support.

We received our second Grant from the Coop in Nov 2022 

These funds ahave assisted us to refurbish the shed and set us on track for even better future now we are operational.



Newman Collard Trust